“… walk worthy of the calling with which you were called.”

- Ephesians 4:1

Nationwide Christian Life Coaching

It takes immense courage to admit help is needed. Fear not, this is a normal reaction. Do not think that you are less empowered of who you are as a person or in the eyes of God. Just as we all travel off the path from time to time, it falls on ourselves and our peers to right us. No matter where you are, 3R Ministries coaching sessions are available via telephone and nationwide!

Is Life Coaching for You?

Stressed? Stuck? Relational concerns? Unhappy? Big decisions? Life transitions? Unfulfilled? You are not alone. At times, life can be confusing and hard. If you sense that there is more out there in the world or inside you, coaching to help you catch God's vision for you, hear his will and apply his word, then life coaching is perfect for you.

Why Do Life Coaching?

Non-tangible services can often time give us the most notable results. Think of the last time you visited a church, or took part in a bible study, a rewarding experience no doubt. Just as you felt rewarded and empowered through God's word and testament you too can also bring yourself to empower YOURSELF. The key is not a clientele, as most services suggest, but a partnership or a cooperative. Two parties working together for a common goal of betterment and closeness to God through his word or personal actions. Coaching empowers you to discover how to live the life you were designed to live.

How Does Coaching Work?

How do you build a house? There is no set way, but we can all agree there must be a strong foundation to stand on. Life coaching at 3R ministers is not a 'Blueprint for Success'. Everyone was created equally in God's design, but this does not mean that all people require the same attention in the same areas. At 3R ministries you will be provided a very dedicated and tailored regime for betterment through various proven methods. Regardless of your path, this coaching at 3R ministries will provide to you the very foundation and scaffolding on which we will then build on to have you live life the way you were destined to live. That is our promise to you that never expires.

How Long Does This Take?

Change never comes as easy as it seems. This program can take as long, or as short, as one desires. However, at 3R ministries there is a 'continuing education ' program in the form of a Bible Study. The Bible study can be used as an introduction to life coaching or as a support system after life coaching, should you desire more direction through God or in life.

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